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2024 Hangeul Challenge

Turn 한글 Skill into Cash for CISA

Our 2023 summer conditioning series culminated in a benefit for the Center for New Americans, and the recently completed 2024 Hangeul Crash Course gives members of the dojang the chance to benefit CISA. If you’re solid in your understanding of 한글, there are two ways to show it, and two levels to contribute to this worthy organization.

$40/Student - Demonstrate 한글 Knowledge

The first level of our challenge is to show that you understand 한걸, the Korean alphabet. You can do this in any one of three ways:

  1. Score 85% or better in a twenty-question quiz. If you don’t score 85% the first time, you can take it again as many times as you need to pass. Here’s a link to the Quiz.
  2. Complete all drills included in the “Learn Korean!” app from Luli Language. This app gives you practice with reading and hearing the syllables, and as a bonus, teaches you how to write the characters. To pass the Hangeul Challenge, you’ll have to purchase this app for $2.99, show bt the app when you start, and then show the app at the end when you’ve completed all levels. Showing the app at the start is crucial because you’ll get tips on how to make it work best for our purposes.
    Get the app for Apple/iOS. | Get the app for Android.
  3. Complete the entire “Learn the Letters” section of DuoLingo’s Korean language program. DuoLingo is free with ads, and although it doesn’t teach you how to write characters by hand, it’s more thorough than “Learn Korean!” and will give you comprehensive drills on all combinations of Jamo used to form characters and words. Download the app and ask bt to show you what steps to take to complete the challenge.
    Get the app for Apple/iOS. | Get the app for Android.

Note: if you’re trying to learn the Korean language, LingoDeer has a better curriculum and better teaching tools than Duolingo. It’s not recommended for the Hangeul Challenge, however, because its treatment of the alphabet is more perfunctory.

Quiz on 한글 alphabet – $40/passing score
$20/Student - Level Up & Learn Taekwondo Terminology

If you’ve mastered 한글 and want to learn more (and earn more cash for CISA) you can tack on by scoring 85% or better on a vocabulary quiz that covers the Taekwondo terminology we use at River Valley Taekwondo. You can study these terms, via a series of flash cards, with RVTKD’s Taekwondo Terminology class in Quizlet. A Quizlet account is free, and you can use it either through a web browser on desktop of mobile devices or on the Quizlet app.

Get the app for Apple/iOS. | Get the app for Android.

Terms are shown in 한글 with their English translations, but no romanization, so an understanding of the Korean alphabet is a prerequisite. Once you’ve studied the flash cards, you can take a second quiz. That followup quiz will appear here soon, so watch your inbox for news when it has been posted.

About the Challenge
Quiz on 한글 alphabet – $40/passing score

This challenge tests RVTKD students’ knowledge of Hangeul (한글) the Korean alphabet. A passing score of 85% or better benefits CISA, an area nonprofit that supports local farmers and food growers. From their website:

“CISA has been working for over 30 years to build a stronger, more resilient, and more just local food system. We envision a local food system where farms are viable, working conditions are fair and just for owners and workers, the environment is respected, and locally grown food is available for all.”

CISA is a respected organization that makes a noticeable difference for many important people in our region. They also helped send several good prospective students our way during Covid, when we offered a series of free Taekwondo classes to essential workers.

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