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Complimenting Correctly

My first year living in Tokyo, I was so excited to be practicing at the Aikikai Hombu dojo (world headquarters of Aikido) that I immediately seized upon every opportunity to socialize or spend time with my peers. It was then…

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Cutting Away the Illusions That Hold You Back

The cutting away of these illusions and the blossoming of the students’ ultimate abilities are the responsibility of the student and teacher together. If you’ve spent an extended time practicing the martial ways, you know that there are many types of…

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Learning to Kill

Hissatsu Waza. Noun: killer technique; surefire assassination method special or lethal move, usu. one unique to a certain fighter or fighting style

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Searching for the Hard Path

The practice of the Martial Ways is really, in its most basic sense, a search for hardship. One of my teachers, Yoshioka Sadao Sensei, used to tell us that the most important concept in our practice should be “Kokoro wo…

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