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Cutting the Candle

[SPOILER ALERT! The following post contains analyses of a form (Pal Gwe O Jang) you may not have learned and a popular HBO series you may not have seen (Game of Thrones). If you find yourself in either boat, read…

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Wrapup – Special Training 2019

Summer Special Training 2019 seemed especially satisfying, and I've heard nothing but positive feedback from all participants. Part of the event's success was due to our thought-provoking guest instructor, Andrew Benioff, Ee Dan Ji Do Kwan. Andrew traveled to our…

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Our New Promotion Exam Format

Longtime students at RVTKD know that the format of our promotion exams has remained basically unchanged since the school's founding in 1997. Like most of our practices, it carries forward traditions passed down from previous generations of instructors. Over this…

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Echoes of Jingwu

See how RVTKD's unique new self-study program in seven extracurricular achievement areas resembles, in some small way, an innovative Kung Fu school in early 20th Century China.
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Netflix Documentary Filmed at RVTKD

Director Erin Lee Carr brought a film crew to our Florence dojang to gather footage for an upcoming Netflix documentary, which is scheduled to air in 2020. Carr directs documentaries for Netflix and HBO with a focus on legal themes, such…

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Report on Special Training 2018

Andrew Benioff (Ee Dan, Ji Do Kwan; Ni Dan, Aikido) traveled from Philadelphia to serve as Guest Instructor during a weekend of Special Training August 17-19, 2018. In what I hope will become an annual event during the waning weeks of…

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Superhero in Our Midst

If you're ever looking for an illustration of how our physical practice translates into the mental and emotional discipline that leads to success elsewhere, you'd be hard pressed to find a better one. In our Tae Kwon Do dojang, we don't…

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