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“But I hate. . . “

I dislike planking for the same reason I dislike Tetris: there's no way to win, only to lose a little more slowly. It happens often enough to be "a thing" worth writing about: an RVTKD student will tell me in…

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Improve Your Korean: Taekwondo, Jidokwan, Dojang

There's no expectation in our Taekwondo school that students will become proficient in the Korean language beyond recognizing the martial arts terminology we use in class. That said, knowing a few things about 한국어 is sure to enhance your appreciation…

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Free Program: Legal Observer Training

Note the July 31st deadline below if you want to take part in this event. At the beginning of June, our school released a Statement on Nationwide Protests Against Police Brutality. We considered that statement to be a first step, knowing…

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Reading Group: The Book of Five Rings

Our reading group will meet on Zoom at 7:00 on Thursday, May 28. Please watch your email for a Zoom link. All RVTKD students are, of course, encouraged to join us. We also welcome former students and anyone else who…

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Black Belt Pandemic Parenting

Feeling pushed beyond what you thought you could handle? Attacked from all angles? Not sure when it will end? You are either living through a pandemic, or training for your Black Belt (or both!).
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Day Eight (bonus day): Wednesday, April 29

Music none Mistakes Chulki Cho Dan (did the middle combinations from Naihanchi) Conclusions I made only one mistake today that was important enough to repeat the form. This was in some ways my cleanest session, but the most important thing…

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