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Timing and Timeliness

Andrew Benioff, Ee Dan I had recently moved to Hawaii and although I continued training in Tae Kwon Do, I had recently begun training in Aikido. I was rushing to make it to class on time from my job waiting…

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Ji Do Kwan Tenet: Loyalty to Country

Before continuing a series of posts interpreting the Five Tenets of Ji Do Kwan, I'd like to revisit my original post about the First Tenet, which I wrote shortly before receiving information that spurred an investigation into a more precise translation of our Five Tenets.…

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Apps to Learn Hangul

One day last fall I got sick enough that I thought it was worth staying in bed to recover, rather than forcing myself through the day and prolonging it. Instead of reading or listening to music to pass the day, I…

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How to Learn Forms

Yesterday I was asked an interesting question: what do you think about when learning a new form? I was a little puzzled but also intrigued, having never given that part of the process much thought. The answer seems easy enough: listen…

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Stretching for the Mind

Almost all Tae Kwon Do classes open with warm-ups and stretching, but RVTKD's stretching probably lasts longer than most martial arts schools. At thirty minutes, working our way methodically through most muscle groups in both isometric and dynamic variations, it's almost like…

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Distributing Flyers

It might seem like overthinking to make a blog post about distributing advertising flyers. Maybe so, but while I was posting a few on bulletin boards around town in preparation for our new home dojang's grand opening, I noticed that in…

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The Right Way

Although a quick web search shows that the most common translation of Ji Do Kwan is "Way of Wisdom" or "School of Wisdom," when I was a new student, my teachers often referred to an alternate translation: "The Right Way."…

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student manual

The dojang is a formal training environment with special traditions that are unfamiliar to most new students. Many of these rules and customs will eventually become clear through osmosis: as new students watch more experienced practitioners, they understand what is expected in our…

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The Value of Public Evaluations

Instructors and students alike, we are all in this together. For most of the time since RVTKD was founded in 1997, we conducted evaluations in the same way. About a week after each rank test, we'd assemble the school, bow in, and…

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