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Membership Dues While Our Dojang Is Closed

Most of our students pay their membership dues via monthly automatic recurring debit from their bank accounts. I'm grateful and moved by one thoughtful phenomenon that Matt Roncone (who does our books) pointed out to me yesterday: not one student…

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The Amazing Side Kick Contest

This was the tongue-in-cheek name that a few Jidokwan students from my first teacher's generation (Daniel Hays, Jeff Waller, Andrew Benioff, Joe Rush, Toby Morral, etc.) had for their habit of taking TKD action photos in impressive places while traveling.…

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Learning to Love Running: Part I

Running is like the broccoli of conditioning. A lot of people run because they understand it's good for them, but they see it as a necessary evil. . . In honor of Zach Farrell finishing the Philadelphia Marathon last November,…

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First Annual USTA Seminar – Warwick, NY

On November 2, 2019, RVTKD instructors William Tuman and Matthew Roncone traveled to Warwick, New York for the first annual United States Taekwondo Association seminar. Organized by USTA President Doug Cook Kwanjangnim (also Founder and Head Instructor of Chosun Taekwondo…

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