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Sept. 16 Promotions

Congratulations to those who were promoted after our September 8 rank test. Advancing students include: Il Dan (first degree black belt) Matt Hurteau Second Geup Carin Zinter Third Geup Bill McGuirk Dan Rozazza Fourth Geup Anna Paskausky Ginger Harris Seventh…

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Field Trip to Zendo

  • August 28, 2012

To supplement our new Reading Group and help everyone deepen their understanding of the meditative practices that underlie martial arts training, I'd like to organize a trip to a Zendo, where a monk or teacher provides us with an introduction…

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June 17 Promotions

Congratulations to those who were promoted after our June 10 rank test. Advancing students include: Yi Dan (second degree black belt) Luke Ryan Matt Roncone Second Geup David Eve Fourth Geup Dylan Mawdsley Fifth Geup Will Christie Kai Balin Sean…

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July & August Readings

The dates/times and book assignments, as well as preliminary discussion questions, have been posted for the next two reading group meetings. Current River Valley Tae Kwon Do students should check the website for details.

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First Reading Group Meeting 6/17/12

The first meeting of the River Valley Tae Kwon Do reading group will be held at noon on Sunday, June 17 at the Media Education Foundation. The MEF is located at 60 Masonic Street in Northampton. We will discuss "Zen…

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Martial Arts/TKD Reading Group

River Valley Tae Kwon Do will introduce a new reading group, open to all students, in June 2012. You must be a current, practicing member of any RVTKD school to attend. The group will meet monthly and will discuss one…

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New Youth Class in Westhampton

River Valley Tae Kwon Do is pleased to announce the opening of a new location at the Westhampton public library. This youth martial arts class, for students in grades 1-6, is held after school from 3:15-4:30. Classes are free, and…

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new RVTKD website

Our new website is under construction. All public content from the old site has been moved here, but some private content for students has not yet been added. All existing student content can be found at our old website¬†until the…

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