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Two Special Visitors to RVTKD this August

Most of you probably already know that Andrew Benioff will return to our school August 17-19 for another weekend of Special Training. This one will focus on the bo (techniques, partner drills) so will geared mainly for black belts, who…

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William Tuman Promoted to O Dan

William Tuman, Founder and Head Instructor of River Valley Tae Kwon Do, has been promoted to the rank of O Dan (fifth degree black belt) following an examination in Berkeley, California on December 2, 2017. As most of my students…

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Sean Owen Promoted to Chil Dan

On December 2 in Berkeley, California, Sean Owen was promoted to the rank of Chil Dan, seventh degree black belt. This is the rank at which the title "Grandmaster" is commonly conferred. Having the head of our school promoted to…

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Promotions on 11/18

Although only one student tested on November 11, I'm pleased to report that two students were promoted. Congratulations to both for reaching these important milestones at River Valley Tae Kwon Do. Il Dan (first degree black belt) Anna Paskausky First…

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student manual

The dojang is a formal training environment with special traditions that are unfamiliar to most new students. Many of these rules and customs will eventually become clear through osmosis: as new students watch more experienced practitioners, they understand what is expected in our…

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New Classes in Florence

Beginning March 1, River Valley Tae Kwon Do will offer classes on Monday-Thursday evenings at a new dojang, located at 140 Pine Street in Florence. Our school has been holding classes for black belts in this space since October 2014. The new classes…

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New RVTKD Website

As you can see, our school has a new website. Improvements include: a revamped responsive design, so the site works better on all devices improved class schedule and location pages an event calendar to show upcoming rank tests, special gatherings, and anything that…

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Feb 22 All-School Retreat (UPDATED)

  • February 16, 2014

The date and time for the open workout this weekend has been changed. We will not travel to Vermont but will instead work out at the Northampton Athletic Club on Saturday at 4:00 pm. This is the same time, just…

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