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Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, Part II

A post called "Comfortable Being Uncomfortable" from May 2016 is probably one of the top five in terms of generating feedback from students of all levels. In early July 2022, while we were all training in masks, in an unairconditioned…

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Improve Your Korean: Directions and Categories

If learning Korean Taekwondo terminology seems daunting, it's understandable: the US State Department has included Korean in the top tier of "most difficult" languages for native English speakers to learn.1 The alphabet isn't hard to learn, but the sounds don't…

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Improve Your Korean: Dojang, Tti

While doing research for another project, I stumbled upon a term that I thought I knew well, but which I recently realized I've been mispronouncing for decades. The word 도복, which is usually Romanized as "dobok" is usually pronounced like…

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“But I hate. . . “

I dislike planking for the same reason I dislike Tetris: there's no way to win, only to lose a little more slowly. It happens often enough to be "a thing" worth writing about: an RVTKD student will tell me in…

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Improve Your Korean: Taekwondo, Jidokwan, Dojang

There's no expectation in our Taekwondo school that students will become proficient in the Korean language beyond recognizing the martial arts terminology we use in class. That said, knowing a few things about 한국어 is sure to enhance your appreciation…

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June 16: Toward Mastery of Many Poomsae

It's been several weeks since I've reported on my solo poomsae practice, but the work has gone on continuously since my initial posts. At this point, I can generally do them correctly if my goal is simply to do them…

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