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Improve Your Korean: Taekwondo, Jidokwan, Dojang

There's no expectation in our Taekwondo school that students will become proficient in the Korean language beyond recognizing the martial arts terminology we use in class. Knowing a few things about 한국어 is sure to enhance your appreciation of Korean…

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Black Belt Pandemic Parenting

Feeling pushed beyond what you thought you could handle? Attacked from all angles? Not sure when it will end? You are either living through a pandemic, or training for your Black Belt (or both!).
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Day Eight (bonus day): Wednesday, April 29

Music none Mistakes Chulki Cho Dan (did the middle combinations from Naihanchi) Conclusions I made only one mistake today that was important enough to repeat the form. This was in some ways my cleanest session, but the most important thing…

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Day Seven: Sunday, April 26

Music none Mistakes Pyung Ahn Ee Dan (distracted by a particularly good side kick, self-congratulation led to immediate mind blank) Taegeuk Ee Jang (conflated with Sam Jang and switched entire last segment) Dan Gun (mind blank after downblock/upward block combination)…

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Day Six: Saturday, April 25

Music none Mistakes Taegeuk Pal Jang (conflated with Taegeuk O Jang, did entire second half of the wrong form, didn't realize until last technique!) Chintae (transposed downblock with suto block at beginning of last segment) Osipsabo (stepped forward instead of backward…

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Day Five: Friday, April 24

Music none Mistakes Choong Moo (mind blanked after the back kick because I was thinking about Dr. Tito, our 97 year old neighbor, being wheeled out of his apartment while I was on the way downstairs to train)1 Sipjin (mind…

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Day Four: Thursday, April 23

Music none Mistakes Cheonkwon (skipped a technique at the beginning while thinking about the difference between the Kukkiwon standard and the way we do this form in our school) Bassai (stepped forward on third suto block instead of backward) Conclusions…

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Day Three: Wednesday, April 22

Music all three Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs tracks on shuffle Mistakes Pyung Ahn Cho Dan (spaced at top of I and had to start over) Do San (spaced on first inside chop of very last combination) Won Hyo (remained…

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