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Echoes of Jingwu

See how RVTKD's unique new self-study program in seven extracurricular achievement areas resembles, in some small way, an innovative Kung Fu school in early 20th Century China.
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Superhero in Our Midst

If you're ever looking for an illustration of how our physical practice translates into the mental and emotional discipline that leads to success elsewhere, you'd be hard pressed to find a better one. In our Tae Kwon Do dojang, we don't…

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Learn Korean, Part III

In the ongoing saga of my efforts to learn the Korean language, I have a third installment for those who may be interested in this exciting and satisfying cultural journey. Having studied every day since mid-November—some days as little as…

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Buddhist Monks’ Take on Video Games

This article on Buddhist Monks' perceptions of the values/risks of video games is interesting and, in some ways, relevant to our practice of Ji Do Kwan. Two ideas of particular note: some monks believe video games are fine in moderation,…

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Ideal Brick Composition for Breaking

One unexpected benefit of my recent trip to Berkeley, California was having the chance to meet the Coordinating Instructor of UCMAP's Yongmudo program, Dr. Norman Link. My teacher and I watched an open dojang for his club for a while, and we…

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Learn Korean, Part II

For the very first issue of our school's newsletter, I wrote a blog post that noted several apps that make it possible to learn written and spoken Korean. These were useful but fragmented, requiring a significant effort on the part…

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A New Approach to Fitness for RVTKD

The fitness requirement created an untenable scenario in which physical conditioning became, in a sense, more important than Tae Kwon Do skills in achieving promotion. In other words, it was possible for Il Dan candidates to be promoted if they…

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