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The Right Time to Teach

When I observe the individual training portion of each class, I'm often struck by both the self-discipline students show while working on their own and by the obvious camaraderie on view when they organize into partners or small groups. Focused solo training and constructive…

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Ji Do Kwan Tenet: Love of Country

This new blog will contain a wide range of posts, as described by its title: Traditions, Concepts, Stories. Some will be informal and fun, and others will discuss serious issues that are fundamental to our school's history and identity. I thought…

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Carin’s 50K Race Report

For those of you who know Carin, who trains at the Northampton school of RVTKD, here's a great account of a race she completed recently in Vermont. If you train at one of our other locations and haven't met Carin…

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