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Complimenting Correctly

My first year living in Tokyo, I was so excited to be practicing at the Aikikai Hombu dojo (world headquarters of Aikido) that I immediately seized upon every opportunity to socialize or spend time with my peers. It was then…

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Timing and Timeliness

Andrew Benioff, Ee Dan I had recently moved to Hawaii and although I continued training in Tae Kwon Do, I had recently begun training in Aikido. I was rushing to make it to class on time from my job waiting…

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Distributing Flyers

It might seem like overthinking to make a blog post about distributing advertising flyers. Maybe so, but while I was posting a few on bulletin boards around town in preparation for our new home dojang's grand opening, I noticed that in…

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The Right Way

Although a quick web search shows that the most common translation of Ji Do Kwan is "Way of Wisdom" or "School of Wisdom," when I was a new student, my teachers often referred to an alternate translation: "The Right Way."…

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student manual

The dojang is a formal training environment with special traditions that are unfamiliar to most new students. Many of these rules and customs will eventually become clear through osmosis: as new students watch more experienced practitioners, they understand what is expected in our…

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