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Day Eight (bonus day): Wednesday, April 29



  • Chulki Cho Dan (did the middle combinations from Naihanchi)


I made only one mistake today that was important enough to repeat the form. This was in some ways my cleanest session, but the most important thing to mention is that the session happened at all. I often see students, at every level of skill and experience, reach a goal and immediately relax their focus, letting some of that hard work and insight gained slip away. This is very common, and understandable enough, but it’s always a little sad. An upward trajectory can keep going and going and going, it doesn’t have to immediately flatten out after a certain milestone, because that milestone isn’t the end of the journey.

My goal is to continue these marathon sessions twice a week, give or take, so I can return focus to other important elements of my TKD training. Forms are far from the only thing that matters, and since I can’t regularly give 20 hours each week to my practice, some sessions have to go to make room for other things. That said, I knew it was important to give my body two rest days (a knee and ankle were starting to complain and needed some recovery time) but I knew it was just as important to keep going. . .

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