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Day One: Monday, April 20


Lucinda Williams Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, then Lady Gaga The Fame Monster 1


  • Pyung Ahn Sam Dan (escape and pull to head, should’ve been to body)
  • Dan Gun (last segment, did suto block instead of inside chop)
  • Chulki Cho Dan (did initial combination as per Naihanchi)
  • Osipsabo (extra kihap where not needed, blanked on technique after stepping back to right foot on final return of the form and had to pause – did the same exact thing twice in a row, blerg!)
  • Hansoo (skipped jump forward and double punch after tiger mouth strike)


None of the above fell into the category of consistent problems that I’ve been noticing day after day, except for Osipsabo, which is just starting to feel almost solid after a couple of months of intensified training. This is my most recent form learned, and it’s long and repetitive (with minor differences in the repeating sections for added confusion) so it’s not surprising that this form is the last to fall into place.


1 I almost never listen to music when practicing Taekwondo, but I often use it as an intentional distraction during these marathon forms sessions. The potential for confusion that they introduce helps me evaluate whether the forms have settled deeply enough into my mind and spirit that I can perform them correctly even when my attention is actively encouraged to wander.

Post Series: Solo Poomsae
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