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Day Three: Wednesday, April 22


all three Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs tracks on shuffle


  • Pyung Ahn Cho Dan (spaced at top of I and had to start over)
  • Do San (spaced on first inside chop of very last combination)
  • Won Hyo (remained in place instead of shuffling for opening and middle combinations)
  • Hwarang (spaced while transitioning out of long opening combination and turning up the I)
  • Taebaek (did the return section while going up the I instead of saving it for the end)
  • Cheonkwon (did high middle blocks at top of I instead of reinforced outside blocks, awkward off-balance jump forward in opening)
  • Eaku form (awkward, clumsy combinations at top and when jumping backward while retreating in final segment)
  • Pal Gwe Ee Jang (spaced on final combination at bottom of I, thinking ahead to the phone call scheduled for right after the session)


Sloppy day with lots of mistakes on the heels of the really sharp session on the day before. Three observations: 1) some of the blame comes from intentionally putting some pressure on myself by not pausing at all after completing one form, and immediately starting the next, no pre-visualization at all. this kept me off balance and on the edge much of the time. only three small sips of water throughout meant no time to recover, which meant increasing fatigue, another distraction. 2) most of my mistakes came from inattention, which is both good and bad. it means my knowledge of the forms is solid, in that I wasn’t botching techniques because I just didn’t know them outright, but it also means I allowed myself to be distracted, which is a weakness to be addressed. 3) a minor miracle: this was my second consecutive day of performing Osipsabo correctly on the first try so I didn’t have to repeat it. something to feel satisfaction about!

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