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Day Two: Tuesday, April 21


Death Cab for Cutie Narrow Stairs, then Thank You for Today


  • Do San (mind blank starting final segment at bottom of I, ironically because my mind wandered to thinking about how well the forms were going so far today. d’oh!)
  • Yulgok (mind blank for low X-block at beginning of form when good song came on. double d’oh!)
  • Chintae (mind blanked near beginning of form, after the slow knife hand mountain block, while feeling unusually short of breath and wondering how my parents would get food if I had to self-quarantine for two weeks)


I’ve been doing my entire set of forms with increased focus and frequency since about November 2019. This was my cleanest run through my entire body of poomsae since then, and because I only had to repeat three forms (and none of them more than once) to get them right, it took only 58 minutes to do them all. Today I relaxed my standards a little and didn’t make myself repeat a form if I started with the wrong technique but immediately corrected it, thereby finishing the preparation and executing the end point without breaking my motion or momentum.1 Still, there were probably only two places where I might’ve asked myself to do a form again if I’d been more strict. This felt good, it was a solid day.


1 Some days I decide in advance what standard of competence I will hold myself to when deciding whether to repeat a form due to imperfections. If time is short, or my body isn’t feeling great, I may be more forgiving. The best sessions are the ones where I allow myself no latitude for even minor flaws, and sometimes on those days, I have to repeat certain forms 7-10 times before I feel good about them. Obviously those are long and tiring days of training. When regularly practicing a very large repertoire of poomsae, it’s not always possible to stick to that that level of sharpness. Picking a realistic and conscientiously chosen goal each day, then sticking to it no matter what happens, is a good way to strike a balance between time spent and quality training accomplished.

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