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Poomsae Seminar at Chosun TKD Academy

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Mar 4, 2018

12:00 pm-4:00 pm

Chosun Taekwondo Academy

RVTKD students at Sam Geup and above are invited to join our Forms Club, a special training session that meets on the first Monday of each month. Participants learn the Geup-level poomsae of the three major sets of forms practiced in contemporary Tae Kwon Do:

  • eight Pal Gwe poomsae, the original forms used by Kukkiwon-affiliated schools
  • eight Tae Geuk poomsae, the forms used by modern Kukkiwon-affiliated schools
  • nine Chang Han hyung, forms used by schools in the International Tae Kwon Do Federation

After learning all of the forms, club members practice them on their own, checking in at the monthly meeting to ensure they’ve retained the techniques and are improving their execution. Every year or two, we welcome new members to join the Forms Club, and the cycle of learning all 17 non-curriculum forms begins again.

Students participating in the RVTKD Forms Club will travel to the Chosun Taekwondo Academy in Warwick, New York for a poomsae seminar on March 4.

Grandmasters Pablo Alejandro, Pal Dan and Doug Cook, Chil Dan will lead attendees in study of Pyung-An, Pal Gwe, traditional black belt forms, and the history/philosophy of forms study in Tae Kwon Do.

This is a rare opportunity to train with senior students of the recently departed Richard Chun Kwanjangnim, a legend in US Tae Kwon Do and a lifelong believer in the practice of traditional Tae Kwon Do, with roots in the Moo Duk Kwan style.

Having already expressed an exceptional interest in forms study, these advanced members of our school will continue to broaden their understanding of what Tae Kwon Do poomsae can be, and to deepen their fluency in the techniques and concepts. Rank is only one measure of achievement in martial arts training, and the opportunity to participate in this type of training—and thereby represent our school in the larger martial arts community—is recognition of special dedication and accomplishment.

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