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Martial Arts Training at our Florence, Massachusetts Dojang
Two Classes/Week
  • come to two of our weekly classes at your convenience. there’s no need to come on the same day each week.
  • $64 for high school/college students
First-Time Students Only: SAVE $200
Automatic Monthly Billing

The rates shown above assume that, after an optional 3-month introductory membership, students sign up for automatic monthly charge to their credit card. This greatly simplifies our bookkeeping and makes sure dues are paid on time. If you prefer to pay month-to-month, we will charge an additional $5/month paperwork fee. Please talk to your instructor if you need to suspend your membership due to a medical or family emergency.

Student Discount

We offer a 20% discount for high school, college, and graduate students. Proof of current student status is required. Please let one of our instructors know if you’d like to claim this discount when you register for a membership.


In addition to monthly membership dues, there are some costs involved in training within our school. Some are optional, others are required. These are:

  • if they don’t use the $150 discount for their first three months of training, students are asked to purchase a dobok (practice uniform), belt, and school patch after several weeks of classes. we charge wholesale costs plus a small percentage to cover shipping, sales tax, and inventory maintenance costs. this means our students wear higher quality uniforms at a lower cost than if purchased anywhere online or at a retail store.
  • when the Master of our Jidokwan school attends rank tests, usually once each year, we pay the expenses involved in having him visit our school. this is not a “testing fee” but rather a way of showing hospitality for a distinguished instructor who has given many decades of service to our school. these costs generally range from $5-20 per student. in cases of individual financial hardship, these contributions may be waived with permission of an instructor.
  • when invited by an instructor, usually after 3-4 years of training, students may purchase padded gear for use in contact sparring.
  • upon reaching the Dan (black belt) ranks, students must pay for their Kukkiwon certification papers. these costs start at $95 for Il Dan (first degree black belt) with costs increasing at higher Dan levels.
  • the school may occasionally organize retreats, field trips, seminars, or other special events. these events are always optional, and students are asked to help cover their costs.
  • we sometimes create T-shirts, hoodies, bumper stickers, or other items as students request. purchase of these items is always optional.
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