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Free Program: Legal Observer Training

Note the July 31st deadline below if you want to take part in this event.

At the beginning of June, our school released a Statement on Nationwide Protests Against Police Brutality. We considered that statement to be a first step, knowing that words are meaningful, but words and actions are more consequential. The leadership of our dojang is currently developing several programs that will give each of us the chance to participate in activities that may help make a difference in the challenges our society faces. All of these opportunities are optional and voluntary, and they have no bearing on your Taekwondo training or status within the school.

Today we’re sharing the first of these new programs. Zach Farrell and Luke Ryan are organizing a Legal Observer (“LO”) training, open to anyone in our school, which will be provided by the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. Legal observers attend demonstrations and often serve as witnesses at subsequent legal proceedings. Their presence may also serve to deter police misconduct by signaling to police officers and civilians that events will be documented. Such documentation can be important in resolving factual disputes should criminal and/or civil cases arise from the demonstration.

There is no fee, nor is there any commitment to participate as a Legal Observer should you complete the training. Participants will be added to a list of Legal Observers in Massachusetts and will receive emails whenever there is a request for LOs to attend an event. People who attend the training need not respond to the emails unless they wish to act as an LO.

The LO training will be held on a weekday night in August as a virtual Zoom meeting and will last approximately 90 minutes. If you are interested in participating in this training, please complete the form linked below no later than July 31st. Once we receive your form, we will provide you with an application that you will need to complete before the training.

We hope that offering resources like the Legal Observer training will provide our students with opportunities to take action that reflects our school’s values during this moment in history.

Tell us when you’re available for the Zoom training session

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