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To express our gratitude for giving our community the food it needs to live throughout the pandemic, River Valley Taekwondo is offering six free months of classes for workers in food-related fields:

    all farmers and food producers
    farmers’ market, farm stand, CSA, and grocery store employees
    restaurant workers (kitchen and front of house), institutional food service workers

We welcome all the usual suspects—hospital and health care workers, delivery people, grocery store and pharmacy employees, and all the front-line people who are on everyone’s minds these days.

However, we also want to recognize all the local farmers and food producers, farmers’ markets, restaurants and food trucks, and everyone else giving us access to the food we need to live! Some of you aren’t as visible, but we know you’re just as important.

We hope to support our local food community with this introduction to our Taekwondo school, and we look forward to meeting you!

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Thanks to CISA for sharing with their network of local food producers

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