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Ideas for Special Training 2020

We won’t be in isolation forever, and it seems likely that we’ll be able to reopen the dojang and return to our normal training in late spring or early summer. This means it’s not too soon to start planning a Special Training weekend, which for many of us is a highlight of the summer. It may seem like we’ve been in seclusion forever, but eventually we’ll have the freedom to train safely, and incredibly enough, summer actually isn’t that far away!

Regrettably, Andrew Benioff—our respected guest instructor for Special Training weekends in 2017-19—will not be able to join us this year. We’ll miss him and hope he can come again in 2021.

Although Andrew can obviously never truly be replaced, I have ideas for a multitude of alternative activities and possible guest instructors. Before I start planning, I’d like to hear what interests you most. This will help me propose dates that as many as possible can attend, and it’ll help me narrow the focus to the topics that will benefit the most.

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