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An Improved “History of Ji Do Kwan”

I’ve meant to write an updated and expanded “History of Ji Do Kwan” for years to replace the “About the Ji Do Kwan Style” page on our website. This new history is now ready, and you can read it here. It contains more detail and depth about Ji Do Kwan history and important Masters that predates the Tae Kwon Do unification, as well as a link to the “Family Tree” that shows how our school connects back to the Korean tradition of Ji Do Kwan.

As with any history project, the vast wealth of information (often conflicting) makes it hard to ever be “finished” as new facts are always emerging and being debated and clarified. Hopefully this version will be relevant for a few years, but I’ll post here again if it needs substantive revision again at some point in the future.

read about Ji Do Kwan history

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