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Martial Arts Classes in Florence – Open to the Public

Although our grand opening won’t be held until September 5, our new dojang is now open to the public. We offer martial arts classes for adults Monday-Thursday evenings at our Florence, Massachusetts location (140 Pine Street, the former elementary school near the Great Wall restaurant).

We welcome new students at any time and are already seeing a few bold visitors who are ready to give our Taekwondo school a try. Because this location is new for our school, class sizes are very small, and it’s the perfect way for beginners to receive lots of personal attention from qualified black belt instructors. There are even two classes dedicated entirely to beginners (Tuesday/Thursday at 7:00 pm) to ensure a supportive and unintimidating atmosphere for those new to the martial arts. Actually, we think all of our classes are friendly and supportive, but if you’ve been overwhelmed by the idea of starting something new, especially something as challenging as a traditional martial art, this might be a good way to get started!

If you’re interested in trying a class, here’s our class schedule and here are details about costs of training. Note there’s a special trial for new members with an absurdly low price: $150 for unlimited classes for three months, which includes a free dobok (practice uniform).

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