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Joining our school is easy!

For your first class, just show up and introduce yourself. Our instructors and students will welcome you to the school. Feel free to watch a class before starting your training—but if you feel bold, you can usually start right away.

Prepare for your first Taekwondo class the same way you’d get ready for any workout:

  • wear comfortable clothes that won’t restrict your motion. a T-shirt and shorts, yoga pants, or sweats is fine. you’ll probably get warm during training, so multiple layers usually aren’t recommended.
  • remove any visible jewelry, including necklaces or chains that may be partially hidden by a T-shirt, and put them in a safe place.
  • remove your shoes and socks, since we practice barefoot.
  • don’t eat a large meal too close to class, but do make sure you’re adequately hydrated. when in doubt, drink a little extra water before class starts.
Where to Train

Our dojang (martial arts training school) is located in the Florence neighborhood of Northampton, Massachusetts. We’re in the Florence Community Center, a former elementary school near the Great Wall restaurant and Pine Street Studios.

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Class Schedule

We are in the process of adding more classes so our students have more ways to fit Taekwondo training into their busy lives. Check our current class schedule here.

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Membership & Gear

Because we sell doboks (training uniforms) at cost and don’t charge for rank tests, the main expense for training with us is membership dues. Click below for detailed descriptions of all costs associated with training at RVTKD.

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