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Martial Arts/TKD Reading Group

River Valley Tae Kwon Do will introduce a new reading group, open to all students, in June 2012. You must be a current, practicing member of any RVTKD school to attend. The group will meet monthly and will discuss one book per session. Most books will be drawn from the Reading List page on this website, although some optional, supplemental reading may come from other sources.

The purpose of this group is to provide a spiritual, historical, cultural, and philosophical framework to complement the physical discipline of our technical practice. We will discuss the roots of martial and meditative traditions, Tae Kwon Do practice, influential thinkers and personalities, and contemporary martial arts issues. Look for a preliminary reading list soon, which will be posted on this website along with dates/times and locations of the first few meetings.

Class participation from each student is strongly encouraged but not required. For some books, participants may be assigned short presentations on selected passages. Topics and the reading list itself may evolve based on feedback from the group.

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