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New Classes in Florence

Beginning March 1, River Valley Tae Kwon Do will offer classes on Monday-Thursday evenings at a new dojang, located at 140 Pine Street in Florence.

Our school has been holding classes for black belts in this space since October 2014. The new classes will be open to all current RVTKD students as well as beginners. Here is the schedule for new class offerings.

On Tuesday, March 1 we will hold a welcome event for all our current students. An invitation with the time and details will come soon via email. If you’re not on our schoolwide email list, please send us an email at bill@rivervalleytkd.com and ask to be added. After the opening night event, we will welcome beginners from the general public, although we won’t publicize this widely until after the welcome event for our current students.

We look forward to seeing all our comrades in training at the new space on March 1. If you have friends, family, or acquaintances who’ve expressed interest in studying Tae Kwon Do, please let them know we’ll be accepting new students very soon.

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