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New RVTKD Website

As you can see, our school has a new website. Improvements include:

  • a revamped responsive design, so the site works better on all devices
  • improved class schedule and location pages
  • an event calendar to show upcoming rank tests, special gatherings, and anything that happens beyond our everyday training in the dojang
  • an online store that allows you to submit a request to order a new dobok. more gear (focus pads, sparring equipment, etc.) may be added later if enough of you are interested.
  • a reworked reading list, with better organization, and several new books added, and updated Amazon links
  • an expanded blog, which will contain everything from day-to-day news about our school to thought-provoking essays about our history, traditions, and values
  • a page that shows all costs associated with training, especially rates for our new Home Dojang (with significant discounts for students who are members of both RVTKD and NAC)
  • links to follow our school’s social networks, which we plan to populate with content over the months ahead. please follow us on your favorite networks: YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course Facebook and Twitter.
  • share buttons to make it easy to post content from our website on your networks

NOTE: the area for RVTKD students is temporarily unavailable while bt revamps the whole section to make it easier to use. Watch for an improved student area with very cool new features soon.

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