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Revisiting the Five Jidokwan Tenets

For most of their history, the martial arts have existed as oral traditions. Only a few well-known texts predate the twentieth century. Over the past hundred years, as printed martial arts material has become more common, most of the publications…

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Jidokwan Tenet: Loyalty to Country

Before continuing a series of posts interpreting the Five Tenets of Jidokwan, I'd like to revisit my original post about the First Tenet, which I wrote shortly before receiving information that spurred an investigation into a more precise translation of our Five Tenets. Future posts…

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Jidokwan Tenet: Respect the Elder

In a previous post, I discussed the complexity inherent in translating the Five Tenets of Jidokwan from Hanja—the original written language of Korea, which was derived from Chinese writing. This one examines our school's second tenet, "Respect the Elder," which…

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