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Heavyweight Dobok


The fabric of this dobok is very heavy but is still soft and flexible. Some students don’t like the traditional drawstring waistband as much as the elastic version that comes with a lightweight uniform, but it can be improved by switching the provided drawstring with synthetic ribbon or cord, which slides more freely against the canvas and is easier to tie. Some students say the heavy fabric weighs them down, especially when it absorbs sweat during a workout.

That said, some students prefer the heavy fabric because they say it hangs more freely over the shoulders, arms, and thighs instead of clinging to the body like a lighter, more flexible material. The soft canvas used in this dobok indisputably lasts much longer than the lighter alternative, and it makes a loud, satisfying SNAP when performing strikes, blocks, and kicks. . . assuming you execute the technique cleanly!

This is the only dobok available in half sizes, so if you’ve tried a lightweight uniform and it didn’t quite fit, you might have better luck with one of these. Unfortunately, the smallest available is size three. . . this size discrimination is unfortunate but is the choice of the manufacturer and beyond our control.

For more information about this uniform, see its page on the Asian World of Martial Arts website.

Additional information

dobok size

3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6

add a patch

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