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Pay Membership Dues


  • Pay for one or more months of unlimited classes.
  • Pay for one or more months of attending classes twice per week.
  • Three months of unlimited classes, plus a free dobok, belt, and Jidokwan patch. This is the best way to immerse yourself in the experience of studying Taekwondo at our dojang, and it costs the same as a month and a half of regular dues. This offer is only available for new students. If any RVTKD student selects this option by accident, they will not receive a free dobok, belt, or patch, and will instead have funds allocated to 1.5 months of unlimited classes.

Additional information

membership term

3 Month Intro & Free Uniform ($150), 1 Month Unlimited Classes ($100), 1 Month of Classes 2x/week ($80)

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