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Pay Membership Dues


You can pay for your first month of classes, if you’re a new student, or restart your membership if you’ve trained with us before. After the end of this first month, new students who want to continue training will receive a free dobok, belt, and Jidokwan patch.

IMPORTANT: paying for classes online does not enroll you in our Earn Free Classes Forever plan, it’s just a one-time charge for new students, or for regular students who prefer to pay month-to-month. To earn free classes, you must authorize us to automatically charge your card once we calculate the amount you owe for a given month. Ask an RVTKD instructor for a credit/debit card authorization form to enroll in this program.

Additional information

membership term

3 Month Intro & Free Uniform ($150), 1 Month Unlimited Classes ($100), 1 Month of Classes 2x/week ($80)

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