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Pay Membership Dues


  • Pay for one or more months of unlimited classes.
  • Pay for one or more months of attending classes twice per week.
  • Three months of unlimited classes, plus a free dobok, belt, and Ji Do Kwan patch. This is the best way to immerse yourself in the experience of studying Tae Kwon Do at our dojang, and it costs the same as a month and a half of regular dues. This offer is only available for new students. If any RVTKD student selects this option by accident, they will not receive a free dobok, belt, or patch, and will instead have funds allocated to 1.5 months of unlimited classes.

Additional information

membership term

1 Month of Classes 2x/week ($80), 1 Month Unlimited Classes ($100), 3 Month Intro & Free Uniform ($150)

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