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Register for Special Training 2017


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The cost of the entire Special Training weekend is $60.

This covers the cost of Andrew Benioff’s travel and accommodations, as well as the purchase of equipment and supplies that we’ll use during the weekend. If enough people attend, it’s possible we’ll be able to lower the cost, in which case we will refund money to each of you when our total expenses are known. This figure won’t be available until after the weekend is complete.

Included in the cost of registration:

  • three days of special training (see schedule)
  • drinking water and orange slices during selected workouts
  • an embroidered towel, which we’ll use during the weekend
  • tanto (wooden training knife) for students who participate in weapons training (open to students ranking 3rd Geup and above)
  • a basic bokken (wooden training sword the size/shape of a katana) for all who participate in misogi training on Saturday morning (open to all students)
  • a healthy and delicious popsicle

Optional items for specific sessions, if you don’t already own them:

  • upgrade your bokken to a higher-quality white oak weapon for $10
  • buy a bean filled Iron Palm training bag (5th Geups and up) for $40

Things you’ll need that are not included in the cost of registration:

  • white clothing with no logos, text, colored trim, etc. for misogi training on Saturday morning. dobok pants and a plain white T-shirt are acceptable. note that they will get wet and possibly muddy, so plan accordingly.
  • a standard red chimney brick for Iron Body training on Friday afternoon
  • meals, snacks, sports drinks, aside from the aforementioned water and orange segments
  • sunscreen, bug spray, any other common sense supplies for being outdoors

Things you won’t need at any time during the weekend:

  • those ninja boots with toes in them
  • hesitation
  • ninja masks
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