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Andrew Benioff

andrew-benioff-jidokwan-reunion-bioI live just outside of Philadelphia PA and I work in the commercial real estate business. I run both a capital markets advisory business as well as a directly real estate investment business.

I began studying Ji Do Kwan when I started college at Connecticut College in New London CT. I had studied Okinawan Karate for about 2 years prior to Conn College and on the first day after arriving at Conn I noticed a poster put up by Joe Rush who was my first JDK teacher.

After studying at Conn for 4 years I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. In Honolulu I spent 1 year studying Olympic Style TKD with Dae Sung Lee the US Olympic TKD coach. I also began studying Aikido with Yoshioka Sadao Sensei. After Hawai I moved to Japan for 4+ years. While in Japan i continued JDK with a small club I formed in Hamamatsu japan and I eventually went to study Aikido at the Aikikai World Headquarters in Tokyo.

I am interested in seeing all of my old friends who I practiced JDK with in the past including Dan, Joe and Toby and anyone else I haven’t seen in a very long time (obviously including SeanO).

Since I no longer practice regularly my interest in martial arts lies in the area of its history and etiquette, which I still find fascinating. I plan on bringing my three children and my wife to the reunion so that my children can see what JDK is all about. I plan to spend most of my time at the reunion keeping my kids away from Dan!

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