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Daniel Hays

daniel-hays-jidokwan-reunion-bioA quick bio, oy vey.

Born in Manhattan a spoiled rich Jewish kid. 20 years later I’m at Connecticut College where I meet Joe Rush and Toby Morral who inspired me to take Tae Kwon Do. Joe was an amazing teacher, solid like a rock, and Toby had the most wicked kicks. I ended up teaching there after they left and loved doing it. One of my students was this little scrawny guy named Bill.

I built a boat with my dad and sailed for a year. Wrote a book about it.

Somewhere in there I got a masters degree in environmental science and ended up in Idaho working with messed up teenagers doing three-week wilderness courses in the desert. I stayed there for five years and became one of the supervisors and therapists.

I worked more with kids, always alternative kids, got married, lived on a wilderness 50 acre island that I own way off the coast of Nova Scotia for one year, wrote a book about that and continued working with wonderful wacko teenagers.

Then my now evil ex-wife and I went through all the phases of unconsciously trying to save a marriage: we moved to a hippie place in Maine, got the new and bigger sofa, the bigger bed, and finally the baby. Then she dumped me for a woman—which was not so threatening, so I never had to run anybody over or anything like that.

Now I take care of old folks and try to survive my nine-year-old daughter who already seems to have PMS.

I have never used my martial arts skills in an altercation. I think having confidence negates having to prove it.

I’m chubby and balding, but when excited can still do a spinning back kick to flip on or off a light switch. I often fall down afterwards, so only do it when no one is around; and it’s totally worth it.

I am desperate to sell everything and sail my boat around the world alone nonstop. That’s what’s next for me.

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