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Matt Roncone

Words don’t cook rice.

Outside the Dojang Matt enjoys an active lifestyle and busy family life. Some of his interests include

  • rock climbing
  • kayaking
  • sailing
  • woodworking

Over the years, Matt has made most of the bo (wooden staff) that RVTKD black belts use during weapons training.

Matt Roncone began practicing the Jidokwan style of Taekwondo at River Valley Taekwondo in 2001 and currently holds the rank of 삼단 (Sam Dan, third degree black belt) from the Kukkiwon in Seoul, South Korea. Matt has been teaching since 2008.

An avid rock climber, Matt was initially drawn to the martial arts to increase his flexibility and balance. After attending an introductory Taekwondo class, he never turned back. “Taekwondo is more than learning how to kick and punch, it is a way of living within our community with respect and self-assurance. The lessons we learn and teach in the dojang apply seamlessly to life outside of it, which is one of the reasons why Jidokwan resonates so well with me.”

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