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Robert Hale

I grew up in Andover, Vermont in a house my parents and two older brothers moved to two months before I was born. When I was six they started a campground that is still thriving more than 50 years later.

Fast forward to 1992 when I decided I wanted to do a martial art. So I look in the weekly free paper and discover Jeff Waller is starting a class in a couple weeks. Now here we are having a reunion with people he knew as he was learning. I have questions!

I work as a machinist and have taught some classes at a local community college in New Hampshire. I like to ski on my Monoski and ride my giraffe [a 6-foot tall unicycle] and still I do not believe I can stand on a ball for two minutes. Bill sure is tough. I am looking forward to meeting all you legends from the past and being there with all of you current TKDers.

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