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Sean Owen Promoted to Chil Dan

On December 2 in Berkeley, California, Sean Owen was promoted to the rank of Chil Dan, seventh degree black belt. This is the rank at which the title “Grandmaster” is commonly conferred. Having the head of our school promoted to this rank is an important milestone for him but also for the prestige and status of our dojang as a whole.

Sean Owen receiving the rank of 칠단 (Chil Dan, Grandmaster) from Grandmaster Ken Min, founder of the UC Martial Arts Program

The promotion was awarded by Grandmaster Ken Min, the founder and head of the University of California Martial Arts Program (UCMAP) in recognition of Owen’s decades of training and service in Taekwondo. Min holds ninth degree black belts in both Judo and Taekwondo and is a legend in the world of competitive martial arts, having served on the Olympic committee for Judo and been instrumental in the effort to make Taekwondo an Olympic medal sport. He also gave Owen his Il Dan (first degree black belt) test in 1969, not long after he founded the program at Cal Berkeley.

For practitioners at River Valley Taekwondo, this promotion validates something that most of us have probably felt, on an intuitive level, for a long time. When Grandmaster Owen was promoted to the rank of O Dan in 1984, that was a big deal, as fifth degree black belts were very rare in those days. This recent promotion reflects more than thirty years of practice and instruction that came after that, as well as the position that Owen holds within our school and the way that role is recognized in contemporary Taekwondo.

As Grandmaster Owen’s student, it’s not my place to comment on the qualities that I think led to this promotion, nor to speculate on Grandmaster Min’s thought process, since I’m far behind them both on my journey along the Way. That said, I think we all know what we value in our school’s leader, and though those qualities and achievements remain unnamed here, we are fortunate and grateful to have benefited from them all these years.

Taekwondo black belts and head instructors of other martial arts at UCMAP. Grandmaster Ken Min is seated at the table, third from left; next from the left is Grandmaster Russell Ahn, then Grandmaster Sean Owen. RVTKD Head Instructor William Tuman stands in the second row, fifth from the left.

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