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Two Special Visitors to RVTKD this August

Most of you probably already know that Andrew Benioff will return to our school August 17-19 for another weekend of Special Training. This one will focus on the bo (techniques, partner drills) so will geared mainly for black belts, who were the main group of people to RSVP for the weekend. We will likely have one session for a wider group of students at the Geup level, so stay tuned for the schedule and details if you’re interested.

In an exciting recent development, another of the generation of Jidokwan practitioners from my first teachers’ generation will join us August 5-16 for a week of special TKD training. Joe Rush, who taught my first teachers (Daniel Hays and Jeff Waller, along with Toby Morral and Andrew Benioff), has begun practicing again after a number of years, and he has determined to travel here from Arizona for an intensive TKD-focused retreat. He will likely join our classes, and I will be working with him outside of our normal class schedule so he can take best advantage of his limited time on the east coast. I invite students of all ranks to join us in these informal workouts, and I encourage you all to make a special effort to attend classes during that time period.

It’s an honor to have a respected leader from our school’s recent history make a multi-thousand mile trip to train at our dojang, and I hope everyone will take advantage of his time here to get to know him, as well as to help him reconnect to our school.

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